My journey started with Nadia Abreu at CrossFit Hammersmith, she was the first person I ever programmed for. Nadia always showed great potential but the problem for her was lack of structure. When she asked me to create her a bespoke program she wasn’t looking for anything fancy, she just wanted a structure that allowed her to step into the box every week with a plan to follow in order to work on her weaknesses. Initially I thought to myself ‘I’m not ready', but I embraced the challenge and #eddiesmethod was created.


I have been in the fitness industry all my life. From the beginning, I felt that my background in personal training, kickboxing and my main passion for CrossFit were enough to start this project. Within months of programming for Nadia and seeing her progress, I decided to change to a program which focused more on her weaknesses rather than what she was already good at and this became the foundation of ‘the method’.


The Focus is on weaknesses.


Working with a small number of athletes allows me to collect numbers from gymnastics, Olympic lifting and benchmark workouts to create a tailored program adapting it to the athletes goals and weaknesses.


​After 2 years of Instagram sharing, I felt there was a demand for a #Eddiesmethod program that would suit everyone and not just competitive athletes. However, it is important to share with you that this is not a magic program. It is extremely hard work and every drop of sweat that my athletes have put in help to guide them towards reaching their goal.


If you put in the right amount of effort I believe there is nothing stopping you from reaching your goals.


Always remember.

 You can't scale life.

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Frequently asked questions

How will I receive my program?

This will be sent to you via email within 24 hours of your purchase. If the purchase is completed mid-week, it will refresh weekly on that same week day.

How do I scale if I can't meet the standards on the program?

You can contact me through email or via instagram if you have any questions or queries about the program.

What do I need to join #Eddiesmethod?

You will need access to a gym, determination and the will to suffer a little.

I want to be part of the personalised program, what do I do?

Unfortunately, at this moment I am not taking any more athletes. Send us an email with your interest and you will be added to the waiting list.